Our current team is made up of around 40 health care professionals, each with different experiences and from different backgrounds, allowing us to tailor our help to the specific needs of our clients. Each team member is committed to the highest professional standards, personal integrity and operates within the agreed values and principles of Heart & Mind.

Below are some of our health care professionals currently working as part of the Heart & Mind team. There are many more involved with us who are not listed below.

Heart and Mind | South Kensington

Anna aims to offer a warm, honest and non-judgmental space where her clients can be listened to and feel heard. As a qualified integrative counsellor she uses different theories to underpin her work, meaning she can tailor her work to each individual client. Anna believes that change can come from building a counselling relationship together that is collaborative, that our past influences us and for many this may be helpful to be explored, but not always.  She believes that clients generally know themselves and their route to wellbeing best and her role as a counsellor is often to help clients discover this.  She believes that each counsellor/ client relationship is unique. Anna is a member of the BACP working within their ethical framework, has regular professional supervision and has a diploma in Therapeutic Counselling and a Certificate in Christian Counselling.  She also holds a Mphil in Pentecostal and Charismatic Studies and a BA (Hons) in Theology.

Heart and Mind | Covent Garden

Ali uses integrative approaches to support the needs of her clients, in a non-judgmental, inviting and safe space.  Her passion is for clients to experience change, healing and a deep understanding of themselves through the relationship, where clients feel respected and are able to see hope. With years of experience in coaching, Ali integrates solutions-focused approaches into her client work, to enable steps forward whilst managing the presenting problem. Ali’s particular topics of experience include managing anxiety and depression, self-esteem, relationships, self-harm, and abuse. Her wider work life includes lecturing for the Open University, and other HE providers. Ali is a member of the ACC and is currently working towards accreditation.

Heart and Mind | Covent Garden

Christine is an integratively trained Counsellor with Heart and Mind, Covent Garden working with a wide range of issues including depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, addictions, health issues, stress, life transitions and bereavement working with CBT and Person Centred theories.  She is a caring and compassionate therapist and seeks to support others by walking alongside them to build hope and move from a challenging place to a better one in life.  She loves to see those who are tried by life’s difficulties become fully restored to wholeness.  In order to do this effectively, she continues to develop her existing skills. Christine has worked in Universities for over 10 years and has first-hand experience of the challenges and stresses faced in the workplace. She is a mother of grown-up children with a BA in History and English and an MA in Archaeology.  She has worked with the homeless within her local church and is an active member.

Heart and Mind | South Kensington

Claire qualified as an integrative counsellor through Roehampton University and is a registered member of BACP. Her integrative training means she is able to draw on a variety of therapies and skills to meet the specific needs of each individual client. Claire believes in the importance of a good therapeutic relationship and aims to create an accepting, confidential and non-judgemental space, in which she can work collaboratively with clients. Claire hopes to help her clients find positive ways to move forward, as they explore their challenges and look at behavioural patterns and influences from the past. Claire has worked with a variety of issues including anxiety, depression, relationship problems, loss, trauma, addiction, sexual abuse, and spirituality. She can offer short or longer-term therapy. Before training as a therapist Claire worked in finance and in the arts. She is committed to ongoing learning and is currently studying for a Masters in Therapeutic Counselling and Psychotherapy.

Heart and Mind | South Kensington

Ebi is a qualified and experienced BACP registered counsellor/therapist who has a diploma in integrative therapeutic counselling. Ebi is warm and empathetic and she believes the fit between counsellor and client is fundamental to the therapeutic relationship. She aims to create a relaxed and safe environment, working together with clients to enable them to enhance their lives and live it more fully. Ebi has experience of working with various agencies specialising in health issues and she has done extensive work with Grenfell survivors and has worked with clients from all walks of life including clients struggling with depression, anxiety, stress, grief, loss, addictions (food, drugs and alcohol, gambling, sex etc), relationship and interpersonal issues.

Heart and Mind | London Bridge

Elke values that everybody is unique and therefore tailors her approach to address her client's issues, big or small, which may cause them difficulties or distress. Being trained in an integrative way (Diploma level 5) she uses different techniques and approaches to look at the past, present or future to help her client get better or achieve their goals. Depending on the issues, this can be brief-solution focused or can entail deeper and longer work. Elke provides a warm, trusting and non-judgemental space where a client can feel safe and open to explore their issues. She believes that counselling is teamwork and by coming alongside each other and being compassionately curious we can find solutions together. Elke's clinical experience includes working with offenders, students, people working in the city, as well as working on a suicide prevention hotline. She has worked with issues like anxiety, depression, loss and bereavement, suicide, sexual, physical, emotional abuse and neglect, bullying, addictions, perfectionism, low self-esteem, life change, stress-related issues, age-specific issues, and career problems. Elke has previously worked in various areas from photography to marketing, fundraising and digital production, both in private and third sector and speaks English and German. She is a BACP Accredited Counsellor and registered with ACC.

Heart and Mind | Covent Garden

Rooted in a Christian worldview, Janet believes in the uniqueness of each individual with all the accompanying complexity of experience and being. We all benefit from time to time with focussed help in life’s experiences. Thus, her approach is individual, according to the needs of each person and working as holistically as possible. She provides a safe and confidential space to support each individual’s exploration of their problems and find positive ways forward. Janet has experience working with people across a range of cultural, ethnic and relationship difficulties, working through loss and bereavement, depression and anxiety, life changes and deep disappointments, supporting parents in pain, and working with corresponding issues of faith and meaning in life. Using aspects of Psychodynamic, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Person-Centred Therapy she engages in a working alliance with each client.

Heart and Mind | Covent Garden

RDMP, ARAD Hons, CBTS. Kate works as an Integrative Counsellor at ‘Heart and Mind’, combining a variety of different therapeutic approaches according to her clients’ presenting needs. She aims to create a safe space for clients to explore and challenge unhelpful or destructive beliefs and behaviours, often through facilitating an understanding of their roots and causes. Kate believes in each person’s capacity to change, no matter how long they have been struggling with an issue and seeks to empower her clients to move forward into healthy relationships with themselves and others. Kate is also a registered Dance Movement Psychotherapist and, although the majority of her work at ‘Heart and Mind’ is talking therapy, she brings a holistic perspective to her sessions; integrating creative, arts and body-focused approaches when this is relevant. She has worked in a variety of different settings including a clinic for eating disorders, schools, NHS forensic hospitals and centres for female ex-offenders, survivors of domestic violence and women trafficked for sexual exploitation. She works with a variety of issues and has a particular interest in those affecting women. Her previous work includes 10 years as a professional ballet dancer and ballet teacher and she is a member of the ADMP UK and the ACC.

Heart and Mind | South Kensington

Leigh is an experienced, sensitive and insightful counsellor who endeavours to create a safe and supportive therapeutic relationship with her clients. By fostering a non-judgmental environment, Leigh helps clients develop self-awareness and the life skills necessary to experience positive change. Leigh’s integrative training means she will draw on different approaches to therapy to meet the needs of each individual. While working towards a client’s goals, Leigh will build on individual strengths and utilise personal resources. Leigh has experience working with a wide range of difficulties including, anxiety, depression, self-esteem, stress, eating disorders, spirituality and relationship issues. Committed to life-long learning, Leigh has over ten years’ experience in pastoral care and is currently in the final stages of a Masters qualification in Counselling. Leigh is a registered member of the ACC and works within the BACP Ethical Framework.

Heart and Mind | South Kensington
and Covent Garden

Nikki is warm, empathic and offers a safe, supportive, honest and non-judgemental environment where her clients can feel seen and heard. At the heart of her practice lays her belief that the most important aspect of successful therapy is the unique relationship that is co-created between the counsellor and client. Nikki is an integrative counsellor which means she draws upon a range of counselling theories/approaches - allowing her to work intuitively, creatively and flexibly and with a wide range of presenting issues. She believes that clients generally know themselves and discover their own journey to wellbeing. She works alongside her clients as they explore thoughts, feelings, and behaviours and come to realise this for themselves. Nikki also understands how we can be unconsciously shaped by our past experiences and is able to help clients develop this understanding - should they wish. Nikki is a member of the BACP and has a diploma in Therapeutic Counselling. Nikki is the Director of Options Wimbledon Pregnancy Resource Centre.

Heart & Mind | Covent Garden

Sarah is a qualified Integrative Counsellor and Coach, which means that she blends different approaches to create a way of working that is most appropriate and helpful for each client in getting to where they want to be at the conclusion of therapy. Her training and experience in integrating coaching within counselling supports client to make positive changes in their lives. In Sarah’s work with clients, she seeks to offer a warm and down-to-earth approach to therapy and her focus is on providing a safe and non-judgemental space to talk. She is a registered member of both BACP and ACC.    

Sarah has clinical experience of working with a wide range of issues including anxiety, depression, career change, identity, bereavement, child loss/separation, abuse (domestic, sexual and emotional), parenting and relationship breakdown. Alongside therapeutic work, Sarah currently manages a parenting support project for a charity called Choices Islington.

Heart and Mind | South Kensington

Wendy seeks to offer a non judgemental, empathic and safe environment in which a trusting, working relationship can develop, allowing the client to engage with, and process difficult thoughts and feelings. Wendy believes that unresolved conflicts from our past can impact our present patterns of relating and behaving, keeping us from reaching our full potential, and that given the right therapeutic conditions, we have it within ourselves to discover how to make better choices, and to bring about change.

Wendy believes that a strong working alliance between client and counsellor is key in bringing about effective therapy, and delights in accompanying her clients on their journey in hope of a better sense of fulfillment and well being.

Wendy has a diploma in Integrative counselling from Spurgeons college, she is a member of BACP and adheres to their ethical framework.