Heart & Mind is made up of over 40 health care practitioners, each with different experiences and from different backgrounds, allowing us to tailor our help to the specific needs of our clients. While each has their particular expertise and speciality, each is committed to the highest professional standards, personal integrity and operates within the agreed values and principles of Heart & Mind.


Below some of our health care practitioners, working in one of our locations in Covent Garden, Kensington, London Bridge or Oxford Circus:

Michael Ruegg set up Heart & Mind, London with the vision to provide affordable, professional care and support to London's communities. He coordinates and manages the day to day running of Heart & Mind. A BACP and ACC registered and accredited psychotherapist, life coach and qualified supervisor, Michael has worked extensively in the field of counselling, coaching and training. He set up, run and lectured on accredited professional counselling training courses and worked in various different therapeutic settings and community services - including a homeless project in West London.



Kate works as an Integrative Counsellor at ‘Heart and Mind’, combining a variety of different therapeutic approaches according to her clients’ presenting needs. She aims to create a safe space for clients to explore and challenge unhelpful or destructive beliefs and behaviours, often through facilitating an understanding of their roots and causes. Kate believes in each person’s capacity to change, no matter how long they have been struggling with an issue and seeks to empower her clients to move forwards into healthy relationships with themselves and others.

Kate is also a registered Dance Movement Psychotherapist and, although the majority of her work at ‘Heart and Mind’ is talking therapy, she brings a holistic perspective to her sessions; integrating creative, arts and body-focussed approaches when this is relevant. She has worked in a variety of different settings including a clinic for eating disorders, schools, NHS forensic hospitals and centres for female ex-offenders, survivors of domestic violence and women trafficked for sexual exploitation. She works with a variety of issues and has a particular interest in those affecting women.

Her previous work includes 10 years as a professional ballet dancer and ballet teacher and she is a member of the ADMP UK and the ACC.


Christine is an integratively trained Counsellor with Heart and Mind, Covent Garden working with a wide range of issues including depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, addictions, health issues, stress, life transitions and bereavement working with CBT and Person Centred theories.  She is a caring and compassionate therapist and seeks to support others by walking alongside them to build hope and move from a challenging place to a better one in life.  She loves to see those who are tried by life’s difficulties become fully restored to wholeness.  In order to do this effectively she continues to develop her existing skills. 

Christine has worked in Universities for over 10 years and has first-hand experience of the challenges and stresses faced in the workplace. She is a mother of grown up children with a BA in History and English and an MA in Archaeology.  She has worked with the homeless within her local church and is an active member.


Richard is a family therapist primarily working with couples and families. The typical human life cycle includes many challenging phases including (for example); dating, break ups and singleness, partnering and marriage, having children or not, raising teens, letting go, loss and illness, divorce, middle and older age, retirement and death. Each phase requires significant adjustments. If we fail to adjust and adapt at every twist and turn in life, significant difficulties may arise for ourselves and those closest to us. Richard offers assistance in looking at these challenges, within the context of family, to help you make the most of your life and relationships. Many of life's challenges come in the form of relationship difficulties and these tricky relationships can be understood and adjusted, often in conversation with the significant others. 

If for any reason Richard can not see you himself he will endeavour to make the best recommendation he can to other competent colleagues within the London area.

Richard's qualifications and registrations include: MSc in family therapy, Dip integrative counselling, Cert sex therapy, Cert counselling supervision. Member of the Association for Family Therapy and Systemic Practice, the Association of Christian Counsellors, the Institute of Family Therapy, and the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy. Richard also has a private practice in south London.


Elke values that everybody is unique and therefore tailors her approach to address her client's issues, big or small, which may cause them difficulties or distress. Being trained in an integrative way (Diploma level 5) she uses different techniques and approaches to look at the past, present or future to help her client get better or achieve their goals. Depending on the issues, this can be brief solution focused or can entail deeper and longer work.
Elke provides a warm, trusting and non-judgemental space where a client can feel safe and open to explore their issues. She believes that counselling is team work and by coming alongside each other and being compassionately curious we can find solutions together.
Elke's clinical experience includes working with offenders, students, people working in the city, as well as working on a suicide prevention hotline. She has worked with issues like anxiety, depression, loss and bereavement, suicide, sexual, physical, emotional abuse and neglect, bullying, addictions, perfectionism, low self esteem, life change, stress related issues, age specific issues and career problems.

Elke has previously worked in various areas from photography to marketing, fundraising and digital production, both in private and third sector and speaks English and German. She is a member of BACP and ACC, currently working towards accreditation.


Joanna is trained as an Integrative Counsellor, meaning she draws on different therapies and skills to counsel her clients. It also enables her to tailor her approach to the specific needs of each individual’s situation. Joanna takes great pleasure in helping the restoration of people towards a future they want, to regain positivity and to reduce stress or worry. She provides a calming space where people can feel at ease and open up about their concerns and problems.

Joanna works with adults, parents for children, and young people of all faiths or none. In her current job at NHS CAMHS she specialises in anxiety, low mood and parenting for challenging behaviour. Joanna has previously worked in a variety of mental health settings including a child sexual exploitation service as an Assistant Psychologist, and in support roles for mental health hospital based environments.

Joanna is a registered qualified counsellor and a member of the Association of Christian Counsellors. She is currently working towards accreditation.


Ali uses integrative approaches to support the needs of her clients, in a non-judgmental, inviting and safe space.  Her passion is for clients to experience change, healing and a deep understanding of themselves through the relationship, where clients feel respected and are able to see hope. With years of experience in coaching, Ali integrates solutions-focused approaches into her client work, to enable steps forward whilst managing the presenting problem.

Ali’s particular topics of experience include managing anxiety and depression, self-esteem, relationships, self harm, and abuse.

Her wider work life includes lecturing for the Open University, and other HE providers.

Ali is a member of the ACC and is currently working towards accreditation.


Heechung is a qualified counsellor, who has been practising for 7 years. Bilingual in English and Korean, she has experience of working with a broad range of people from varied backgrounds and different cultures. As an integrative counsellor, she draws on the counselling approaches best suited to the issues client bring to counselling. Heechung believes that the therapeutic relationship is very important and has healing potential. She has experience of working with a wide range of difficulties such as anxiety, depression, addiction, relational difficulties, health issues, trauma and faith issues.
Besides her own counselling practice, she is also involved in the training and teaching of other counsellors and pastoral care workers in the UK and abroad.
Heechung has a MA in Special Education and besides Heart & Mind, is also involved as a volunteer counsellor with Place2Be, an organisation which provides emotional and therapeutic services in primary schools, building children's resilience through talking, creative work and play.


Amira believes in the potential power of the therapeutic relationship and tailors her approach to suit the unique needs of each individual. She is a qualified integrative counsellor and a member of ACC.

In our fast speed society, ever increasing stress and sense of isolation can affect our relationships and emotional health. Amira is passionate to team up with her clients in their journey of self-exploration and empowerment.

Her heart is to work with survivors of abuse, incest and bereavement as well as a wide range of issues related to anxiety, depression, trauma, addiction and relationship difficulties. Using CBT, Person-Centred, Brief Solution Focussed and other models in order to enable the clients to develop tools which they can use in everyday life beyond the completion of therapeutic work.

Amira also has cross cultural and overseas experience in various areas of counselling and addiction since 2004. She provides bilingual counselling in English and Arabic. She holds a Bachelor degree in Business Administration and worked for various charities. Besides counselling at Heart & Mind, London she works in a counselling service based in Harpenden.


Emily is an Integrative Counsellor, drawing from a variety of approaches in order to provide the best opportunity for change for any individual seeking support. She aims to make any client feel safe and at ease so that they may explore difficulties without judgement. Emily believes that lasting change comes from understanding and connecting with how the past has framed us, effectively challenging and redirecting the patterns we are struggling with in the present (particularly using CBT) and finding a new frame for the future.

Emily has no doubt that freedom from difficulties, however overwhelming they may be, is absolutely possible. She has experienced deep freedom herself, resulting in the knowledge that therapy is a brave and important part of any life-long change. She hopes to facilitate a journey for individuals that results in them living a fuller, healthier life; equipped emotionally and practically to deal with whatever is ahead.

Alongside her experience and training as a counsellor, Emily has mentored and facilitated a variety of therapeutic groups and experiences. Her particular experience and interest spans topics such as anxiety, depression, shame, addiction, perfectionism, stress, sexuality, abuse, eating disorders and body image, among others. She is a member of BACP and ACC, currently working towards accreditation.'